Tao Mindfulness Meditation Weekend in Sedona, Arizona

Tao Mindfulness Meditation Weekend

 ‘Come home to yourself in Sedona, Arizona’

Relaxation for your soul to blossom
Come home to yourself - Tao Mindfulness Meditation Weekend in Sedona, Arizona
Tao Mindfulness Meditation Retreat provides tools, inspiration, and guidance to begin or enhance a meditation practice.

Practicum is focused on four meditation types, as well as holistic exercises based on martial arts and ancient Tao energy practices.

During the Tao Mediation Retreat, you will learn key exercises for mindfulness living,  and recovering your ideal health and happiness.

When the physical and energy bodies are in alignment, one can meditate naturally and with ease.  Awaken your body’s energy system through Tao mindfulness meditation techniques.

  • Learn reflective meditation
  • Tapping meditation
  • Visualization meditation

This weekend Tao Meditation Retreat is ideal for beginners or intermediate meditation practitioners. You will be provided with a balance of instruction, group and individual meditation, and free time for relaxation in nature.

Tuition: $285 + 3 nights

pdf Tao Meditation Weekend
Sayong Kim - Instructor of Tao Mindfulness Meditation Weekend in Sedona, Arizona
Tao Minidfulness Meditation retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat
Enjoy these 10 minute, complementary meditation tracks as a preparation for your retreat or as a way to introduce the peace of a retreat into your daily life.

An Introduction to Meditation

This gently guided audio track briefly discusses the purpose of meditation, and gives directions and a timed background for you to start a simple but effective mindfulness practice. Follow the suggestions at the end of the audio track to start or deepen a simply, daily practice.

A Conversation with Your Inner Heart

This meditation guides you inward to pay attention to, and be aware of what your inner heart is saying to you. Listen to this meditation track regularly to develop a healthy relationship with yourself.