Welcome to Sedona Mago Retreat

 ‘Experience the land that will touch your heart and awaken your soul’

Sedona Mago Retreat Center is operated by Tao Fellowship, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is “Love Humanity, Love the Earth.”

We are located in pristine land in Sedona, Arizona, an area long known for natural healing and spiritual awakening. Surrounded by red monoliths, Native American ruins and majestic mountains, our Retreat Center is open for group retreats, spiritual retreats and other programs for holistic healing and meditation.

Our Retreat Center offers 163 acres of beautifully landscaped land honoring Mother Earth’s treasures. Designed to work with the healing energy of Sedona, you can relax and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.


The spiritual origin of Tao Fellowship is Sun Tao, which is Korea’s original tradition of Taoism. The tradition starts with the story of Mago, the soul of the earth. In Mago’s castle, there lived Sun-Ins (enlightened humans). By falling into the joy of the five senses, they forgot their divine nature and fell to mere physicality and emotions. Their leader, realizing they could not stay in Mago’s castle any longer, left the castle with a vow to recover their divine nature and return to Mago’s castle. The leader taught his people to practice and purify themselves.

This was the beginning of the tradition of Sun Tao. Mago in this tradition represents the ultimate Oneness, the soul of the earth as the common source of life to all existence on the Earth, and our original divine nature.  Read more: Philosophy

Mother Mago

‘Whatever you do, wherever you go at Sedona Mago Retreat, you will experience the elements of Energy, Healing and Meditation’

23cd7926b58c41331a228f9570de2c9cMeeting Ilchi Lee – The Solar Body

This past weekend in Sedona was so special: I got to stay at the beautiful Sedona Mago Retreat, meet and interview Ilchi Lee (NYT Bestselling Author, creator of Body & Brain Yoga, Tao Fellowship, Korean Institute of Brain Science, and The Solar Body Method), and explore the red rocks of Sedona.

Retreat Enhancements at Sedona Mago Retreat Center

Enhance your stay with one of our classes!

  • Morning Meditation:  Reduce stress and enhance creativity
  • Tao Energy Yoga: Relax body and mind and promote energy circulation
  • Mago Star Walk: Stargaze and feel the nighttime energy of the land
  • Sound Healing: Vibrational healing
  • Holistic Health Reading: Holistic health assessment
  • Mindful Breathing Meditation: Learn how to breathe mindfully

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Don’t forget to check out our R & R Retreat – Come a day or two early, or stay an extra night to Rest & Refresh

Quantum Leap – Chakra Intensive

Quantum Leap – Chakra Intensive

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your spiritual evolution?

Sadie Nardini – The Warrior Within Weekend

Sadie Nardini – The Warrior Within

An amazing movement, music and inspiration immersion to help you rock who you are more fully…on every level!

Sedona Recovery Series - Spiritstock

Sedona Recovery Series – Spiritstock

‘Extraordinary weekend with dynamic international speakers’

HEROES Leadership Training

HEROES Leadership Training

Do you want the change in your life to help create positive changes in the world?

Rest & Refresh

Rest & Refresh

‘Choose how to spend your time in the peaceful and healing land of Sedona’

Thanksgiving Retreat

Thanksgiving Retreat

‘Gratitude Through Mindfulness’

Finding True Self – Spiritual Healing Retreat

Finding True Self – Spiritual Healing Retreat

 ‘Discover your true purpose in life’

Chun-Gahng – An advanced spiritual journey with Headmaster ByukWoon

Chun-Gahng – An advanced Spiritual Journey

‘Life extends beyond life and death’

Tao Meditation Weekend

Tao Meditation Weekend

‘Allow your deepest voice to be heard’

Dear Friends, you have felt the peace, love, and overwhelming joy that fills your heart when you come home to Sedona Mago Retreat. It is our firm desire to showcase the beauty of Sedona Mago Retreat to all of the wonderful people searching for that same connection. To do this, we are in need of a new camera that is currently not in our budget. Can you help us? 
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