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 ‘Experience the land that will touch your heart and awaken your soul’

Sedona Mago Retreat Center is operated by Tao Fellowship, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is “Love Humanity, Love the Earth.”

We are located in pristine land in Sedona, Arizona, an area long known for natural healing and spiritual awakening. Surrounded by red monoliths, Native American ruins and majestic mountains, our Retreat Center is open for group retreats, spiritual retreats and other programs for holistic healing and meditation.

Our Retreat Center offers 163 acres of beautifully landscaped land honoring Mother Earth’s treasures. Designed to work with the healing energy of Sedona, you can relax and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.

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‘Whatever you do, wherever you go at Sedona Mago Retreat, you will experience the elements of Energy, Healing and Meditation’

Tao Healing Method at Sedona Mago Retreat
Tao of Yoga

The Gathering of the Shamans  April 8 – 10, 2016

Join us in the mystical setting of Sedona to meet the leading shamanic teachers of our day!

don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. * HeatherAsh Amara * don Jose Ruiz * Gaya * Dr. Steven Farmer * Barbara Emrys * Sheri Rosenthal * Allan Hardman * Meghan Gilroy

The Gathering of the Shamans at Sedona Mago Retreat
Finding True Self
From Stress to Strength – Discover your inner strength
Tao Spiritual Spa Retreat
Revitalizing Detox Retreat
Tao Meditation Weekend
The Way of Joyful Living

HEROES Leadership Training

Do you feel the need for change in your personal life? Do you want the change in your life to help create positive changes in the world, as well?

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Upcoming Groups

Engine 2 Immersion, May 14 – 20, 2016

Engine 2 Events celebrates plant-based food and demonstrates exciting and delicious ways to make the best nutrients on earth work together to ensure you a long and powerful life. These events are built around entertaining educational lectures and exciting food demos that teach you the science and the how-to involved in bringing strong foods onto your plate. Each weekend-long event is held in a new city as the partnership between Engine 2 and Forks Over Knives continues into its fourth year! We want to teach you the why and how of eating plant-based foods.

UCSD – Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher Training  March 13 – 19, 2016

Instructors: *Christopher Germer *PhD * Kristin Neff, PhD *Michelle Becker, LMFT *Steven Hickman, PsyD

MSC Teacher Training is an intensive, 6-day, residential program facilitated by a team of senior MSC teachers. The training is built around the eight weekly sessions of MSC with each half day dedicated to a condensed, experiential review of one of the sessions, followed by small group activities designed to give attendees opportunities to practice teaching, guiding and facilitating discussion in that session with the close consultation of one of the Teacher Trainers. In addition, the training includes short talks, group exercises, discussion, and periods of silence. Participants will be provided with the essential materials to teach MSC programs.


Niurka: NeoGenesis, April 14 – 17, 2016 & September 15 – 18, 2016

A 4-Day Course to transform your life

NeoGenesis guides you to transform any problem at the root. You realize there’s a gift buried within every challenge. You source the gift, integrate the learning and release old patterns.

This is a place where you can transform a lifetime of emotional baggage in 4-days, in a way that ignites your motivation. And you learn how to guide others through this transformational process.


Baptiste Level 1- Journey into Power, June 4 – 11, 2016

The promise of Level One: Journey Into Power training is that you will open up and empower (practice) a new pathway for yourself that makes a real difference in what matters most to you in your life and in your yoga practice, and you will learn what it takes to be an effective practitioner and teacher of the basic Baptiste Methodology.

Level One: Journey Into Power is an environment of extraordinary standards. It is a total immersion in which more is demanded of you than ever before. The combination of powerful asana practice, meditation and self-inquiry will build a foundation in the Baptiste Methodology™ and will leave you transformed with greater power, freedom and vitality. You will transform as a result of participating in this powerful program.


Tiffany Cruikshank – Yoga Medicine May 7 – 14, 2016

Yoga Medicine is a thorough, anatomically based training system created by Tiffany Cruikshank that trains teachers all over the world to work more powerfully with their students. Yoga Medicine is a community of teachers who excel in their training and their ability to understand the body from an eastern & western perspective to work more effectively with other healthcare practitioners. Our community of teachers are trained in eastern & western modalities to effectively work with doctors & practitioners of many types so that they can understand the student better and apply the practice to the individual.

Yoga Medicine is not a style of yoga but rather a training that educates the teacher to understand the body and create individualized yoga prescriptions for the student based on their understanding of the body & the practice of yoga. Our teachers are committed to continued education, setting the bar for exceptional knowledge & teaching.

Yoga Medicine’s mission is to create a community of teachers that excel in their depth of knowledge to provide yoga as medicine to the international community of doctors, patients & students. Our vision is to create global awareness around the ability to use yoga as medicine.


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