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Sedona Spiritual Retreats

Sedona Spiritual Retreats

‘Reconnect mind, body & spirit’

Our Sedona Spiritual retreats and workshops are a path to the discovery of your true nature and potential. All of our retreats include the key elements of breath, meditation, and energy work.  These mindfulness tools will guide you toward the ultimate goal of finding your true self.

Each of our spiritual retreats embrace the concept of ‘the beginner’s mind.’  Whether you have had advanced spiritual training or are just planting the seeds of a more conscious life, you will reap benefits from our retreats.

  • Connect with your true essence
  • Find meaning in your life beyond daily or material concerns
  • Awaken your body’s energy system through Taoist mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Shift your energy paradigm and liberate yourself from unhealthy vibrational patterns
  • Learn stress management techniques
As a spiritual organization seeking interfaith friendship, we believe that peace and harmony can be realized through our connection with Earth; without which, humanity cannot survive. Our common goal is sustainability of earth and all of its inhabitants, now and for future generations.
  • I feel lighter, clearer, stronger and more peaceful...

    "I found the retreat to be wonderfully holistic. It exceeded my expectations. Juniper is a wealth of knowledge and share her wisdom in a very warm, passionate manner. I was pleasantly surprised that the detox program incorporated so much spirituality and also focused on healing. I really enjoyed every aspect and felt I learned and grew so much this last week. We were blessed to have such a incredible group of people to share the experience with. I feel lighter, clearer, stronger and more peaceful.
    With much love, ligth and appreciation!" ~Kelly, London, UK

  • I felt a total transformation after this Detox retreat...

    "This is my 2nd retreat trip to Mago. I kept falling into a pattern of bad habits that kept me from making progress in my spiritual journey. When I came to this retreat I was not well physically, with low energy. I felt a total transformation after this Detox retreat. It almost feels like a miracle and I am very grateful for Juniper and my fellow participants for sharing and caring and making this possible. My real testimony was the sunset meditation where after many bowing meditation, I was able to sit and meditate pain free and feel the healing energy from heaven! I am eternally grateful for helping me take the bold step into my spiritual journey.

    With Love & Peace" -- Kris, Phoenix, AZ

  • A reminder that we are all part of a greater one...

    The weekend I spent at Sedona Mago Retreat was a great way for me to re-connect with my spiritual side and a reminder that we are all part of a greater one.   ~B Warren

  • I am capable of doing everything and anything possible without being afraid...

    My peace, harmony knowing that I am capable of doing everything and anything possible without being afraid, overly thinking everything and questioning myself if the decisions I have made are correct. I now accept myself for who I am.  ~Elizabeth

  • Our spiritual adventure at Sedona Mago Retreat was absolutely amazing...

    Our spiritual adventure at Sedona Mago Retreat was absolutely amazing. Cheng and I learned so much about different meditation techniques and our chakras that we have been practicing at home. The surroundings were beautiful and the friends we made in our group we will always cherish. We not only discovered so much about our inner selves at the meditation retreat but also discovered the oneness we share with the world and the importance of the relationships we have. We will absolutely come back to rediscover our souls and learn more about how to meditate to an even greater level.

    ~Dustin B

  • Sedona MAGO Retreat absolutely exceeded my expectations…

    In my investigation into “meditation retreats” or “holistic heath centers” around the country, I heard and read that there was only one … the Sedona MAGO Retreat in Sedona, AZ. I was searching for something very legitimate and substantial as I wanted to move more deeply into my meditative practice.

    I must say, the MAGO Retreat did not disappoint. The Sedona MAGO Retreat absolutely exceeded my expectations. I joined the Tao Meditation Retreat, which is a 4-day intensive program that explores various methodologies of meditation, and I learned many new things and expanded on things familiar. The retreat was expertly led by instructor, Genia Sullivan, who created an environment that was educational, supportive, calming as well as entertaining, and included energy yoga, healing meditations, both inside and outside, labyrinth meditation, chakra energy balancing and very insightful group discussions.

    Personally, the Tao Meditation Retreat was a powerfully moving and spiritual experience. It facilitated a spiritual journey that led me deep into myself, and cleared out many layers of negativity and opened my mind up to vast areas of inner joy I never knew existed.

    With a foundation in ancient Korean mysticism, the Chun Bu Kyung, as led by spiritual leader, Ilchi Lee, the Sedona MAGO Retreat offers something that is very much needed in today’s society … a light of wisdom to illuminate one to the Path.  ~Scott Jenkins

    Thank you MAGO !

Come a day or two early to rest and relax before your retreat, or stay an extra night
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