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Sedona Spiritual Retreats

Sedona Spiritual Retreats

‘Reconnect mind, body & spirit’

As a spiritual organization seeking interfaith friendship, we believe that peace and harmony can be realized through our connection with Earth; without which, humanity cannot survive. Our common goal is sustainability of earth and all of its inhabitants, now and for future generations.

Our Sedona Spiritual retreats and workshops are a path to the discovery of your true nature and potential. All of our retreats include the key elements of breath, meditation, and energy work.  These mindfulness tools will guide you toward the ultimate goal of finding your true self.

Each of our spiritual retreats embrace the concept of ‘the beginner’s mind.’  Whether you have had advanced spiritual training or are just planting the seeds of a more conscious life, you will reap benefits from our retreats.

  • Connect with your true essence
  • Find meaning in your life beyond daily or material concerns
  • Awaken your body’s energy system through Taoist mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Shift your energy paradigm and liberate yourself from unhealthy vibrational patterns
  • Learn stress management techniques

Special Retreats

Chun-Gahng & CeremonyYour life goes beyond life and death. Your life experience, however, has been continuously limited within the confines of your physical body. The finite physical world is always in flux. Within these continuous changes, we cannot be free from physical obstacles and limitations of death, fear, and pain.

The physical world which can be seen, heard, and touched generates comparison and competition. Ultimately, it will create distrust within yourself and between each other.

Tao Chun-Gahng training is for realizing these obstacles and limitations of the physical world and for awakening the existence of the infinite true-life within.

In the world of true-life, there is no beginning and no end. Indeed, there is only absolute harmony, unification, and great peace where this endless creation happens. This true-life world exists secretly within you and is waiting to meet you.

Qigong: is one of the most typical practices of Tao to strengthen your physical and energetic power. Traditionally it has been practiced for health, longevity, and self-discipline. It has evolved also to healing techniques and martial arts.

Meditation: is the most basic and important practice in the Taoist tradition. It consists of relaxed concentration, reflection, and realization. Through this training, spiritual awakening occurs that leads to the realization of Tao as one’s true nature.

Leadership: Whether leading an organization or one’s individual affairs, ego can create hindrances to success. By harnessing the timeless wisdom of Tao, our leadership programs help you to overcome the limitations of ego and develop awareness and discipline for self-management as a successful leader.

Tao Teacher Training: Anyone who is interested in learning about the practices and principles of Tao Fellowship can participate. Afterwards, trainees may leave or stay for more practice. After a year of personal practice, they can come back for evaluation. If they meet certain standards, they will receive a certification.

For more information, call: 928-204-3391.

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