Two female participants in conversation at Meditation Lake at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, Arizona Group retreat participants at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, Arizona


Sedona Mago Retreat provides diverse opportunities for learning the wisdoms and ancient teachings of Tao (how to live a balanced life). Through the training programs, retreats, and workshops, you will feel nurtured, energized, and inspired to manifest your full potential in your daily life.

Retreats, workshops, and trainings allow individuals to look within themselves and find their true potential. Learn how to connect your mind, body, and spirit. Our programs allow you to return home with new practices for mindful living to incorporate into your daily life. All programs are offered to all levels, with no prior practice or spiritual training required.

Whatever you do, wherever you go in Sedona Mago Retreat, you will experience the elements of Energy, Healing and Meditation. That is because these are the core elements that form the foundation of all programs and activities that we provide.

Join programs that heal your body and mind, awaken your spirit, and nurture your soul. Learn the timeless wisdom for mindful and balanced living. Relax and rejuvenate in a serene and inspiring environment. Click the banners below for details.

Female retreat participant meditating on by the lake at Sedona Mago Retreat
Learn methods to start, renew or enhance your meditation practice. These spiritual retreats teach basic meditations and exercises for healing the body and mind.
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Two participants hiking during a retreat
This 4-day/3-night retreat utilizes natural healing to enrich the body, mind, and soul through diet, exercise, and breathing.
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wild rose
This retreat involves personalized spiritual and naturopathic guidance, along with proper diet, supplements and exercises.
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Male participant performing energy movements at sunrise
A weekend retreat to unlock your spiritual core for holistic healing and renewal.
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Participants holding up hands to the sky
Mind-body exercises, meditations and visualizations taught in this program will help remove energetic blockages and open your chakras.
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woman meditating
From Stress to Strength shows you quick and effective ways to release stress from your physical and energy body.
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Vista of Sedona mountains
This program series is designed to promote healing and deepen one's practice of spiritual tools of recovery.
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Two women enjoying conversation near Meditation Lake
During this retreat, you can meditate and relax at your leisure without any set schedule.
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Yoga class at retreat center
Variety of retreat enhancements designed to make your retreat more fun, meaningful, and inspiring.
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