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Tao Meditation Coaching

Tao Meditation Coaching teaches you to live as your true and authentic self through increased awareness, while growing, connecting, and healing yourself and others through the Tao lifestyle practice. Discover your true value as a Tao Meditation Coaching and gain tools to help yourself and others create a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual lifestyle.

Tao Meditation Coaching

Realize your full potential through increased awareness of your True Self:

  • Nurture your Soul through meditation
  • Awaken to life force of Universe through energy meditation
  • Increase inner awareness and transform your self
  • Gain tools and wisdom to guide others to meditate
  • Practice Self Management by connecting to inner wisdom

One year Online/Offline Training:

  • To feel Ki-Energy and then to deliver meditation sessions with energy exercises and breathing.
  • To share the principle of Life Particles and Healing Life tools and let others experience.
  • To guide people how to be mindful.

 Tao Meditation Coaching Certification

  • Certification will be given upon successful completion of this course.

 Tao Meditation Coaching can teach:

  • Friends, family, co-workers to live a healthy lifestyle with Tao Meditation.
  • “Tao Mediation Coaching at Mago Retreat delivers much more than it promises. Master Juniper lead our small group of sincere persons to go deep within ourselves while she taught us how to coach others various ways to heal body, mind, and spirit by tapping into the energy (Life Particles) available to everyone. Having lived three-quarters of a century, my personal goal for the course was to find new energy for the next phase of my life. I wanted to approach it with an open heart instead of being filled with resentment and dread. Master Juniper and my fellow students helped me clarify what my soul truly desires, so that now I can open my mind and heart to limitless possibilities. They showered me with healing energy as I hope to do for others through coaching Tao meditation. I'm ready for Act IV!”

  • “What I experienced this weekend was an experience beyond description. After releasing years and years of old habits and patterns stuck in my body, the energy present went to those places and healed them. For 6 years I have not been able to sit cross-legged for the excruciating pain in my hip and legs. The techniques we did actually released my hips and I was able to sit cross-legged again with very little pain and the pain that was there felt different, almost good. That was an awesome experience. My heart opened and I was able to feel again like I haven’t in quite some time. Most important and what I want to share is that I connected with my soul and my True Self. I recommend taking this course if you want to share this experience and help others to find who they are and recover the meaning in their lives. Juniper can guide you to recover who you are and help you find your hope and dreams. She is a beautiful soul and her helper Amy is an angel. Thank you for everything.”
    - Love and Light, ~ Kathy

  • "I was able to connect with myself better and also stay grounded while things were going around me. The training also helped me to identify a vision of how I want to live my life going forward. By changing my eating habits to become more grateful and mindful about the foods I eat and using the principles of Tao that I learn to help others to improve their lives by becoming more balanced physically, mentally and spiritually."
    ~ Janet

  • "All the masters, guides, trainers, staff and volunteer open my mind and heart bigger each time I have spent and learned at Mago. It has been a tremendous source of healing and has forever changed my life. I now have a clear path towards peace and my truth on the Earth. Thank you, everyone!" ~ Micah