Tao Healing Method
Tao Healing Method
Tao Healing Method

The Tao Healing Method 

‘Learn how to heal yourself and help others heal themselves with the ancient wisdom and techniques of the Tao Healing Method’


Shared Room Tuition: Each shared room includes separate beds. If chosen, you may tell us with whom you wish to share a room with, or we will match you with another attendee of the same gender. Early Bird Tuition – $1,616Standard Tuition – $2,020

Private Room Tuition: Private rooms are single occupancy. If you wish to room together with a family member or friend, please select a shared room option. Early Bird Tuition - $1,856Standard Tuition - $2,320

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Tao Healing Method at Sedona Mago Retreat
Healing in its ultimate sense comes from discovering and getting connected to the Tao within. The Tao Healing Method will provide you with tools to help access your true natural healing power within and focuses on the whole person – body, mind and soul.  Tao exists everywhere, from inside the smallest particles to the span of the entire universe. It is the force of order and change underlying all existence and all phenomena. Becoming one with Tao has been the ideal of life for everyone, and learning to live with it has been regarded as the key to health and happiness.

The Tao Healing Method was established through the principles and practice of the Korean tradition of Tao known as “Sun-Tao”(仙道).  It is based on the understanding that we, as humans, are manifestations of the ultimate life energy (Ki, chi, qi, Life Particles) in diverse forms.  Through deep understanding of  Ki-energy as the ultimate oneness of the universe, the Tao Healing Method helps you to regain your sense of oneness and heal yourself, which extends to your family and friends, creating health, happiness and peace in your personal life and community.

Tao Healing Method at Sedona Mago Retreat

Benefits of the Tao Healing Method:

  • Those who complete the Tao Healing Method can realize true love and peace from within and can take action to heal themselves, their family, society, and the Earth.
  • The Tao Healing Method addresses more than just physical pain. The whole person is taken into account; peace, love and harmony are delivered to the body, mind and soul.
  • The Tao Healing Method helps people realize that their true self is pure soul, one with divinity.
  • Tao Healing Method practitioners seek to create peace on earth and make the world healthier and more sustainable.
  • The Tao Healing Method helps people recover their hopes and dreams for a better life and world by helping them embody those hopes and dreams.

During this 6-day retreat, you will discover the power within that can create peace and harmony for yourself, others and the Earth.

A Sample of Your 5 night, 6 day Itinerary

  • Morning Meditation (6:00-7:00 am)
  • Breakfast (7:00-8:00 am)
  • Morning Sessions (9:00-11:30 am)
  • Lunch and free time for self-meditation (11:30 am-1:30 pm)
  • Afternoon Sessions (1:30-5:30 pm)
  • Dinner and free time for self-meditation (5:30-7:30 pm)
  • Evening Sessions (7:30-9:00 pm)
  • Wrap-up Session (9:00-9:30 pm)

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Sayong Kim started practicing in Korea at a Dahn Center (now known as “Body & Brain Yoga” in the U.S.), and within two and a half months experienced self-healing of painful sciatic neuralgia, a back condition that had plagued him for ten years.  Inspired by his own amazing recovery, Sayong made up his mind to learn other Tao-based practices for self-healing and left his academic studies to become a Tao Healing Instructor.

Sayong worked for Body & Brain Yoga (formerly, “Dahn Yoga”) as a Manager, Instructor, Energy Healing Master and Program Trainer for several years and then in 2011 became the COO of Sedona Mago Retreat, a spiritual retreat center owned and operated by Tao Fellowship.  Since that time, he has continued to meet people from all over the world and introduce them to the simple yet powerful healing modalities of the Tao Tradition.  Showing people how they can enhance their health and happiness is Sayong’s passion and offers practical wisdom that touches all students of The Tao Healing Method.

He aspires to develop and establish Sedona Mago Retreat as one of the top US retreat centers based on Tao principles, practices, and The Tao Healing Method.


Steve Kim is a life-long practitioner and teacher of mindfulness techniques, with a particular wealth of experience teaching others how to apply Tao practices and principles in their lives.  He is a visionary leader, with a dedication to putting Tao principles into action on a global scale.  In 1997, after studying linguistics, literature and education in college, Steve helped establish the Tao Fellowship – an organization which promotes the spirit of Tao and its universal principles of peace and harmony.  In 2009, he began serving as its president.

As a farsighted scholar, Steve realizes the importance of teaching our youth to care for Mother Earth and its inhabitants.  In 2013, he helped to establish the Earth Citizens Organization and became its Executive Director.  This organization teaches young people to care for themselves and the planet and encourages them to share their newfound knowledge with others, which leads to healthier communities and a sustainable world.  Steve can help students of The Tao Healing Method envision the community and global aspects of the principles they learn.


ChunShim is the Regional Coordinator for Sedona Mago Retreat programs in Central Arizona and is also the Manager of the Tao Healing Center in Chandler, Arizona.  For two decades she has been an Energy Healing Master, an Instructor, Workshop Trainer, and a Holistic Life Coach.  As a facilitator of various workshops, such as Chakra Healing, Finding True Self, and From Stress to Strength, she shows people how to develop more self-awareness in order to improve their health and relationships, develop their intuition, and focus on their goals.  ChunShim has helped many people connect to and heal their physical, energy and spiritual bodies, and students of The Tao Healing Method will experience this firsthand.



Banya Lim is a renowned acupuncturist and educator in Oriental Medicine and Energy Healing, with 12 years of experience in the mind body arts known as Brain Education.  Banya also has experience as a Life Coach and has worked closely with thousands of individuals in private sessions and with hundreds of groups through lectures and workshops in energy healing.  She is currently the Director of Sedona Healing Arts and the Institute of Brain Education, and serves as an advisor to the International Brain Education Association. Banya’s unique blend of experiences offers students of The Tao Healing Method an opportunity to explore their own calling and ways to integrate energy healing into their life path.


ChungSuk has been a devoted healer and teacher of energy healing principles for more than 25 years.  He has extensive knowledge of self-healing of the human body through proper energy circulation, posture, movement and breathing.  He is also a master level Qi-Gong and Meditation Instructor and has taught a variety of courses in self-healing including Position Therapy, DahnMuDo (a Korean Energy Martial Arts) and the Body & Brain Yoga Instructor Course.

Students often remark that ChungSuk has a light-hearted, passionate and caring approach to helping people to heal themselves.  He brings a depth of wisdom and compassion to The Tao Healing Method.



Marie Seong began learning self-healing practices based on Tao principles at Body & Brain Yoga centers (formerly, Dahn Yoga Centers).  Before long, she realized that her life mission was to help people awaken and to guide them to Tao practices and principles.

Marie was a Body & Brain Yoga Instructor, Center Manager and Workshop Trainer for ten years before beginning her work at Sedona Mago Retreat in 2010.  Passionate about helping others, she teaches the principles of Tao at events throughout the United States with the Head Master of Sedona Mago Retreat. Marie’s work at Sedona Mago Retreat is invaluable and she serves as a Program Director, Coordinator, Translator and Tao Program Trainer.



HanMyung has touched thousands of lives and is a beloved trainer at Sedona Mago Retreat.  She was born and raised near Hamburg, Germany and made a major shift by moving to America in 2000. Three years later, after an ice skating accident resulted in a painful herniated disc, HanMyung began exploring Tao energy practices and principles. As her self-healing powers were activated, her back condition was healed.  Realizing the immense benefits of Tao practice and principles, she decided to start helping others heal themselves.

HanMyung has worked in the educational department of Sedona Mago Retreat for over eight years, gaining experience and expertise in energy meditation and energy healing.  She became a Tao energy healing master in the spring of 2010 and assists with advanced level training and ceremonies.  She also offers Healing Sessions, Prayer Practice, Tao Yoga and Tai Chi classes.

HanMyung lives a life befitting of her spiritual name which means ‘Life of Oneness.’ She says, “As I opened my eyes to the truth that everyone has the seed of their soul and divinity within, I dedicated my life to sharing my experience with the deepest wish that the seed of divinity comes alive and sprouts in everyone.”


Anthony Giannini is a sound healer at Sedona Mago Retreat. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Socio-Cultural Anthropology. Anthony focused his research on cross comparative religious studies, with a particular interest in the cross-cultural application of shamanism. He has studied the universal nature of altered states of consciousness and how they relate to the mystical experience. Anthony began practicing sound healing three years ago when he noticed the inherent ability of sound to alter and influence consciousness. During a sound healing session, Anthony creates a high vibrational healing space that restores a person to a state of health and universal harmony.  Anthony’s sound healing training offers students of The Tao Healing Method a unique experience in the boundless and wordless way of energy healing.


  • “If I could create a corporate retreat and bring it here it would be great…  In the corporate world, where I live, we tend to lose our humanity and most of us don’t want that.  I learned that you can still be successful, still make money but yet still remain true to who you are and feel good about yourself at the end of the day.  Everyone has something they can take from this course if that’s what they’re seeking.” ~Kathleen

  • “…I learned a lot about healing methods—how to bring energy into my body and to areas that were painful…  What I’ve learned so far has helped me a lot in my life for pain relief and a more peaceful life.” ~Rosa

  • “My experience was very positive.  I learned so much in the six-day program…. Learning the principles and applying them will be exciting!”   ~Ann

  • “The training validated and confirmed many thoughts, ideas and feelings that my inner voice has been telling me for a long time.  My vision and direction of my life became more clear and better defined. ~Elena

  • “The Tao Healing Method helped me to relax, confront my grief and let go of bad experiences… ~Patricia

  • “I came with physical challenges.  This six-day workshop helped me to not only begin healing my body, but also my energy and spirit.  I plan to return when I am able…”   ~ Jonelle