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Shuttle Services to and from Sedona Mago Retreat

Beginning November 1, 2015

AZ Shuttle will provide shuttle service from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport directly to Sedona Mago Retreat.

There will  no longer be a connecting “Mago” shuttle from Cottonwood to Sedona  Mago Retreat.

Please check AZ Shuttle schedule before booking your flight.

Arrivals: PHX Sky Harbor to Camp Verde Chevron (transfer to Mago Retreat Express van) directly to Mago Retreat.

Departure: Mago Retreat to Camp Verde Chevron (transfer to Primary airport van) directly to PHX Sky Harbor.

$56 each way, or $112 round trip.

**Reservations must be made before 6:00 pm the night before travel in order to guarantee express service. Reservations can be made after 6:00 PM or same day for our standard shuttle service.


Schedule for AZ Shuttle
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