Meditation Lake overlook at Sedona Mago Retreat

What We Offer

Male participant meditating during a retreat

Sedona Mago Retreat provides diverse opportunities for learning the wisdoms and ancient teachings of Tao and how to live a balanced life. Through the trainings, programs, retreats, workshops, and special events, you will feel nurtured, energized, and inspired to manifest your full potential in your daily life.

All desired changes in your life start from awareness; knowing where we are, where we are heading, and where we want to go. From the most basic programs that focus on breathing, eating, and sleeping to the most advanced trainings, all aspects of your experience at Sedona Mago Retreat are geared to enhance awareness and deepen your experience of meditation. Through continued practice, these experiences will guide you to the discovery of your true nature, the source of power and wisdom for you to create and experience the life you want.

Healing in its ultimate sense comes from discovering and getting connected to our true nature, the Tao within. Becoming one with Tao is been the ideal way to live, and has been regarded as the key to health and happiness. This approach, combined with the unique and transformative vortex energy of Sedona Mago Retreat, turns every moment of your stay into a profound healing experience.