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Three Powers to Find Your Greatest Dream

Three Powers to Find Your Greatest Dream

Aug 25 – 27, 2017

with Fatima Bustos-Choy, PhD

Your solution for a soul-satisfying summer getaway that’s more than just fun and relaxation. Practice self-love and discover your higher value and purpose with the Three Powers to Find Your Greatest Dream retreat!

Is your heart looking for its true calling and dream? Do you imagine yourself living a life that is in line with what your soul wants to experience and create in this lifetime?

Join us for a powerful weekend of discovery, growth, transformation, and awakening. The Three Powers to Find Your Greatest Dream will guide you to discover your three powers—physical, emotional, and spiritual—to design your life and create your own destiny.

Fatima Bustos-Choy, PhD will be guiding this workshop. She is the founder of Gaia Flow Consulting, a leadership & organizational development consultancy, and owner of Body & Brain Holistic Wellness & Meditation Center in Burbank, CA. With over 30 years of experience in corporate America, along with her expertise in spiritual coaching, Dr. Bustos-Choy creates the perfect solutions for the modern-day person looking for easy and practical ways of upgrading the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual quality of their lives.

Utilizing the Five Steps of Brain Education, you will:

  • Awaken and harness your three powers—physical power, heart power, and brain power—to become the master of your life
  • Purify negative information about yourself and others that prevent you from moving forward
  • Refresh your body, heart, and brain to make new information that changes your destiny
  • Receive a message from your true self that will guide you to your soul’s great calling and dream
  • Create action steps to actualize your message in your daily life

As you immerse yourself amongst the serene landscape of the high desert in Sedona, AZ, you will feel the life force of the Earth that will support and propel you to move confidently in the right direction of your life. Join us now and reserve your space.

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