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‘Secluded healing sanctuary with breathtaking views’


The Sedona Mago Retreat

I was starting to wonder if Clare was trying to kill me. We had already visited and managed to survive one commune-esque location during our production trip in Arizona. There we were, the day before we were scheduled to head home, driving 11 miles down a sketcherific excuse for a road to what I was convinced was a bunch of tents with a big pool of cool-aid in the middle. Maybe if I had payed more attention to this location during our planning meeting I would have realized that my fears were unfounded, but at the moment I was sure our parents would be posting our images on milk cartons in a few days time.

As we pulmagoretreat5webled in, my fears were immediately assuaged. While it was eerily quiet, everyone we passed nodded a friendly hello and gave a polite smile. As we walked the various garden paths, children ran in front of us in a wild pack and I decided the place couldn't be what I had feared. It was as Clare had said, just a retreat for people who needed to escape society for a while, and maybe find a piece of themselves in quite retrospect.

Mago has several beautiful trails that wind around the property. From meticulously designed paths circling the natural pond at Mago's center to red dirt trails skimming the edge of the Sedona wilderness to paved pathways linking rooms to sunflower gardens and yoga facilities, this retreat is a site to behold and immediately calms the nerves. We both felt much more relaxed after spending only a couple hours walking around the area.

The grounds at the Sedona Mago Retreat were gorgeous and no one challenged our impromptu presence (Mago welcomes un-scheduled visits on Saturdays, but asks for all other visits during the week to be registered beforehand). The atmosphere was accepting and passive. One that fit well with Mago Retreat’s billing as a center for spiritual awakening. They offer Tao meditation and yoga workshops that range from two to six days and personal retreats that can last significantly longer. Based on many of the previous retreats that have been held, focusing on AA and twelve-step programs, we gathered that many individuals had made a visit to refresh their bodies as well as their minds.

We were happy to learn that the retreat also grows its own organic produce on the property and has a variety of both edible and  ornamental gardens. They also have a handful of projects in the works including improving the previously mentioned road, installing renewable energy sources on-site and creating educational programs to develop more sustainable living communities elsewhere.


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Voted Top Yoga Retreat

Sedona Mago Retreat was voted a top yoga retreat for the second time in the last 6 months, first by Conde Nast Traveler, and then by TRAVEL & STYLE magazine, which named Sedona Mago Retreat as one of the top yoga retreats in North America - one of only two from the continental U.S.!


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VIBE: Secluded healing sanctuary with breathtaking views

GROUNDS: Vast and endless with panoramic views of the famous Sedona red rocks in the distance. Most of the days are spent outside in meditation with nature; walk on the many paths and labyrinths, sit  by the Meditation Lake or at the Dahn-Guhn Shrine, swim in the pool or relax in the jacuzzi. Wherever you find yourself, there will be a breathtaking view surrounding you.

I felt the beauty of the surroundings touch my inner self…

From the moment I arrived, I felt the beauty of the surroundings touch my inner self. As I entered the program, I realized there was a much deeper purpose for my visit. I experienced an awakening of my mind, body and soul and eagerly looked forward to each new sensation. I am taking with me the tools now to continue my spiritual growth and achieve enlightenment. The program and staff exceeded my expectation and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to gain knowledge, heal and grow. ~Pamela Cloutier

I am planning to return…

This is the second time I have chosen the Revitalizing Detox Retreat program with Master Juniper at Sedona Mago Retreat. The program has led me to love and respect my body, mind and soul more than ever before. The cleansing and exercises using my body and meditation to go deep inside myself was the best. Now I am going home to my daily life and will keep my journey alive, as live my life. I am ready for the challenge. And I am planning to return in six months. ~MaryJo

I can heal my own body using Ki energy…

I attended the Master Your Emotions course with the intention to achieve balance. I went home with the knowledge that I can heal my own body using Ki energy. I have severe Scoliosis (a curvature of the spine). Each day I live with pain on the right side of my shoulder and hip. In one day of utilizing the exercises I felt immediate relief in both areas. More importantly, I went three days without any pain. The course was simple to understand. The trainers were helpful and knowledgeable. This was one of my best experiences on a spiritual and physical level. I highly recommend this course. ~Brian B.

I made off before sunrise to the healing garden…

Where to begin? Swirling energies surround me as I arrive. I couldn’t sleep the first night because of it. I walked the next day taking pictures, pictures that revealed orbs, double rainbows and the beauty of the high desert… flowers, hummingbirds, lizards and tarantulas as I combed the many tailed at Sedona Mago Retreat.

On the second evening, I experienced electrical type pains in my knees. I’m in a place that heals, I told myself. So I made off before sunrise to the healing garden, specifically the island with the weeping willow tree. I prayed for forgiveness of all my family, my sins and injuries to others in previous lives. I then prayed that the wonderful energy fill my physical body and wash away all my sorrow and pain. After meditation, crying and complete surrender, I found I was pain free. I am unafraid because I feel nothing but safety and protection here. Namaste. ~Deborah, Engine 2

Open yourself through Tao and the world suddenly opens doors in return…

On the final day of my workshop, I shared with the group that I really wanted to go home (UK) after being in the USA for 20 years. The following day I received an email from The Guardian classified (I had submitted my information to their job-search about 3 years ago and never received an email from them). The email contained an advertisement for a position for somebody with my expertise paying a similar salary to what I earn here. What’s more the position is in my hometown. Better yet, when I told my husband (who loves AZ), he said, “Apply for it!” Open yourself through Tao and the world suddenly opens doors in return.  ~Laura G

When you attend this heart-opening workshop you will gain new insight…

I recently attended the Finding Your True Self weekend workshop facilitated by Chun Shim. I cannot say enough about Chun’s tireless energy, stamina and intuition in delivering this workshop which is one of the most complete programs I have ever attended. Chun’s skill and leadership as a guide is honed to perfection which comes from many years of being a teacher and spiritual leader.

What I liked best about the weekend is the versatility of the program content. Since individuals learn in their own unique way I believe that one of the ways to reach a diverse group of people is to deliver a program in a variety of ways. This is exactly what Chun and her amazing staff did to make the teachings come alive for all of us. This is a thoughtfully orchestrated experiential program which invoked most of our senses including our physical bodies, minds, ears, eyes, and in particular our heart Chakra.

When you attend this heart-opening workshop you will gain new insight, treat yourself and others so much better and claim your true self.  ~Deborah Rosasco

Would we do it again? Heck YES!

The retreat we had at Sedona Mago Retreat was an incredible experience for me personally. It was exactly what Chelsey & I needed at that point in our lives. A place of meditation, self-healing, letting go of the past and self-discovery.

The venue of the retreat was very conducive for the exact serenity and solitude we were searching for. The Tao Meditation program conducted for the group was just the right amount of activities centered around the journey to peace, love, happiness and forgiveness of self and others.

Would we do it again? Heck YES! Would we tell others about Sedona Mago Retreat? Of course we would! In fact, we would recommend that everybody should take the time in their lives to do a personal retreat at least once a year. Time to just listen to your inner self, letting go of the past and just doing it. The Sedona Mago Retreat was a great place to do this!

Genia was the perfect coach to walk us through this whole program! Thank you. Because of you, Chelsey & I believe that each of us in that 4 day program now have renewed energy and confidence to continue our journey into discovering our true life’s purpose in this lifetime. Love and light to you.  ~Cathy & Chelsey

Everyone on the staff was friendly and warm…

Finding True Self was exactly what I needed; Chun reaches to her true self to teach us and give us the resources needed. Everyone on the staff was friendly and warm. They supported our efforts and goals 150% Thank you.  ~Lisa

They gave me a direction…

The Tao Meditation retreat program helped me to focus and concentrate better. Gave me a direction to go deep in and experience the silence inside.  ~Hafiza K

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