Tao Wellness Guide Certification Course

Learn to live as your true and authentic self through increased awareness, while growing, connecting, and healing yourself and others through the Tao lifestyle practice. Discover your true value as a Tao Wellness Guide and gain tools to help yourself and others create a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual lifestyle.

Tuition: Shared $2,500, Private: $2,680

The prerequisite to Tao Wellness Guide is: Finding True Self 

Tao Wellness Guide Certification Course

Duration: 4 days

Location: Sedona Mago Retreat

You will develop yourself to the fullest potentials through increased awareness, growing, connecting, and healing self and others. As you are living as True Self, you will not only help yourself, but you start to help others to create healthy lifestyles and encourage them to grow.

  • Practice Self Management through Law and Principles of Tao
  • Building Observer Consciousness
  • Healing Chakra
  • Key to Transforming Your Life
  • Three Enlightenment’s of Tao
  • The Voice of Heaven 1: ChunBuKyung
  • Self Reflection
  • Soul Growth Gratitude Meditation

20 Hours Online/Offline Training:

  • to feel ki-energy and deliver 1 hour class with meridian opening exercises, breathing and meditation.
  • to share the principle of LifeParticles and Healing Life tools and let others experience
  • to guide people how to be mindful

 Approval as a Certified Tao Wellness Guide (TWG)

  • Upon successfully completing FTS, TWG Training, 20 hours of practical training,
  • Certificate will be given.

 Tao Wellness Guide can LEAD

  • 1 hour Tao Yoga Class to help your friends, family, co-workers to live healthy lifestyles.

The Tao Yoga Classes can be offered regularly at least once a month at home, friends house, work, and/or community centers.

Tao Wellness Guide can ASSIST (at Tao Centers or Sedona Mago Retreat)

  • At Tao Healing Centers/Sedona Meditation Center, teach 1 hour Tao Yoga class, guide members with helpful self-healing home exercises, give basic orientations for members.

 Tao Wellness Guide are strongly recommended to ASSIST

  • at least 2x Tao Growth workshop, Finding Trueself, prior to receiving the certificate.
  • Scholarship for Tao Wellness Guide is given to those who meet the specific criteria. Contact Tao Education Department at education@taofellowship.org. (Scholarship available up to $650)