Participants meditating during vortex tour in Sedona, Arizona

Tao Meditation Retreats

Health, happiness, and inner peace through meditation

Genia Sullivan conducting a retreatLearn Tao Meditation methods to start, renew, or enhance your meditation practice. The Tao Meditation retreats will teach basic meditation and exercises for healing the body and mind to develop or deepen the meditation practice. In addition, our beautiful 163-acre center in the sacred lands of Sedona provides the ideal place to renew your body, mind, and spirit.

We offer two Tao Meditation Retreat options with varying depths of practice to provide convenient scheduling options. 

Tao Meditation Weekend

4 days & 3 nights
$330 + 3 nights

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Tao Meditation Transformation

5 days & 4 nights
$440 + 4 nights

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male meditating at sunrise at Sedona Mago RetreatEnjoy these 10 minute, complementary meditation tracks as a preparation for your retreat or as a way to introduce the peace of a retreat into your daily life.

An Introduction to Meditation

This gently guided audio track briefly discusses the purpose of meditation, and gives directions and a timed background for you to start a simple but effective mindfulness practice. Follow the suggestions at the end of the audio track to start or deepen a simply, daily practice.


A Conversation with Your Inner Heart

This meditation guides you inward to pay attention to, and be aware of what your inner heart is saying to you. Listen to this meditation track regularly to develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

About Tao Meditation

female retreat guest meditating by the lake at Sedona Mago RetreatTao Meditation methods are based on ancient wisdom that awaken the body’s energy system for complete health, happiness, and inner peace. Have you ever thought of yourself as an energetic being? Actually, everything you are is ultimately energy. Many ancient traditions refer to an energy or life force that runs through all living things as chi, qi or ki. Ki energy is the unseen life force in all things. Creating unification of ki energy and consciousness provides tremendous power.

Our physical and energy bodies become tense and damaged through stress, old injuries, poor nutritional habits, lack of circulation, and emotions we feel we cannot control.  Meditation can help reverse the effect of this damage by developing an inner sense of peace and an ability to handle stress before it creates physical damage in the body. Retreat guests dining at Mago Dining HallHowever, many times people find it difficult to meditate because their energy body is out of balance and their physical body is not flexible enough to keep certain postures. Tao meditation takes a double-sided approach to helping you develop a satisfying, inspiring, and healing meditation practice.  During the Tao Meditation retreats, you will learn both exercises to heal your physical and energy body, as well as meditation methods to quiet your mind and unite with your inner peace and wisdom.

The perspective of Tao emphasizes that complete health and happiness begins and ends with the energy system. Problems with the energy system are rooted in problems of the body, mind, and spirit. A change in energy signifies transformation of the truest sort.

The Tao Meditation retreats will teach you key exercises for recovering your ideal health and happiness. When the physical and energy bodies are in alignment, one can meditate naturally and with ease. Awaken your body's energy system through Tao Meditation.

Tao Meditation teaches four meditation practices:

  • Three breathing meditations
  • Reflective meditation
  • Tapping meditation
  • Visualization meditation

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