Female retreat participant jogging on path around Meditation Lake at Sedona Mago Retreat

Tao Lifestyle

Tao is an integrative and holistic solution to healing and creating a better life.

Tao Lifestyle program immerses you in the proven age-old methods of Tao, which will heal and empower your body, mind, and spirit at their root. The program emphasizes mindful practices of balanced living in the essential areas of life. Your undesirable habits are groomed away, your inner strength and wisdom grow, and your spiritual awareness expands.

The Tao Lifestyle program is designed to be both informative and experiential. Typical classes consist of physical and energetic exercises like Tao Yoga and Qigong, indoor/outdoor meditation, lectures, and in-depth spiritual work.

The three distinctive approaches of Tao Lifestyle:

  • Tao Lifestyle - focuses on Breathing, Eating, Sleeping, and Meditation. Breathing is the foundation for sustaining life. Eating is a basic need that becomes a meditation.  Sleeping should be deeply restful so that it restores your natural rhythms. Meditation quiets the chattering mind. When done properly, these four basic properties will change your body and mind, alter your habits, and uncover a new sense of inner harmony.
  • Learn the Art of Harmony - When your life is aligned with the way of the universe (Tao), your life flows in harmony. Tao Lifestyle teaches you how to heal and create your life in accordance with the laws of nature. It will bring you into harmony with all living things and your body and energy conditions, thought patterns, emotional paradigms, and belief systems will change.
  • Work with your true nature – Your true nature is pure energy, boundless and powerful. It is the source of all power and wisdom that empowers you to live your most fulfilling life. By reconnecting to your true nature, you can recover harmony in your life and heal your body, mind, and spirit.