Retreat Enhancements

We offer daily retreat enhancements. No prior experience is necessary to enjoy and benefit from our array of classes and retreats. Reservations are required. Call 928.204.3391 or send an email to

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  • Chakra Reading – $60 for 45 minutes. A visual and experiential session that allows you to see and understand the meaning of your chakras, energy centers that create your energy field. Learn about exercise and lifestyle changes that will improve your well-being.
  • Chakra Healing & Balancing – $195 for 90 minutes. Remove blockages and open the flow of energy in your chakra and meridian systems. This healing will awaken your natural abilities, promote inner peace, and leave you with a deep sense of relaxation.
  • Sound Healing – $90 for 60 minutes. Experience vibrational healing using chimes, tuning forks and healing instruments.

Group Classes

Morning Meditation:  Begin your day with our daily meditation class to promote relaxation, reduce stress, enhance creativity, and strengthen brain performance (complimentary, reservations not required)
Tao Energy Yoga: Restorative healing yoga to relax the body and mind and promote energy circulation (60min, $20)
Mago Star Walk: Stargaze and feel the nighttime energy of the land (45min, $20)
Sound Healing: Experience vibrational healing using chimes, bowls and healing instruments (45min, $20)
Angel Card Reading accesses the Angelic Realms to deliver spiritual guidance, healing, and positive messages. Unlike a traditional Tarot Card reading, an Angel Reading communicates directly with your angels, and transmits only constructive and loving messages from the light. Kristen Tizon has been a licensed Angel Therapist since September of 2014 and has experienced time and time again, the kind of positive impact and transformation that an Angel Reading can have on a client. It is truly a unique, loving, and powerful experience for anyone who is open to trying it. Angel card readings remind us that we are safe, we are loved, and help is already on the way (1/2 hour for $30 and 1 hour for $60).
Everyday Enlightenment: ‘Discover Your Infinite Nature’

This class can be taken by itself or as an introduction to the Discover your Infinite Nature Retreat.

Our consciousness can continue to grow throughout eternity.  By focusing on your spiritual growth you can improve your current life and after-life. 

This illuminating and experiential 1 ½ hour session will be both informative and experiential and is based on Ilchi Lee’s new book, Living Tao, Principles for Everyday Enlightenment.  Marie Seong, instructor of the Chun- Gahng advanced spiritual will share timeless Tao principles that offer guidance for those who welcome an opportunity to grow and who desire to live a life of passion.

Tao is the ultimate wholeness through which all things are connected.  Experiencing this connection through the Everyday Enlightenment class will awaken your divine nature and this awakening can be reinforced through intellectual, energetic and behavioral activities.

The class will include:

▪  An introduction to Tao based on the book, Living Tao. Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment

▪  An energy experience  to help you connect with your eternal essence within

▪  A consultation regarding various Tao ceremonies

Cost:  $150, which includes your own book, Living Tao

Private Sessions

Holistic Health Reading: Receive a detailed holistic health assessment with intuitive and Tao Master, Juniper D. Yang. (60min, $125)
Spiritual Healing: For a deeper spiritual experience with Tao Master (2 hours, $380)
Mindful Breathing Meditation: Receive a deep experience on how to breathe mindfully with Tao Master Seong (1 person 90min $180, 2 people 90min $275)

Custom Private Sessions and Group Classes are available by request:

  • Starlight Meditation: Feel oneness with the cosmos through meditation under the stars
  • Chakra Healing & Balancing: Restorative healing yoga to relax the body and mind and promote energy circulation
  • Tao Qi Gong: Slow moving healing martial art form
  • Bowing Meditation: An ancient Tao practice that promotes energetic and spiritual healing
  • Labryinth Meditation: Experience a deep meditation at one of our labryinths.
  • Vortex Meditation: Experience a deep meditation at one of the retreat’s vortexes: Healing Garden, Dahn Guhn Statue or Mission Place

*Custom Private sessions for 1 person: 60min $125, 90min $180.  For 2 people: 60min $195, 90min $275

*Custom Group classes (3 people or more) are available and are typically $200 for 60min and $300 for 90min.  Inquire at the Welcome Center for more information.

Susan Kim, our Retreat Coordinator, will guide you in choosing Retreats and Retreat Enhancements, both before and during your stay with us.
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Retreat Enhancements at Sedona Mago Retreat in Arizona
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