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Retreat Enhancements

Complimentary Tao Yoga Class – Offered Monday through Friday: 9 – 9:40 am.

*Please let us know in advance if you want to take a class

Mago Vortex Visit and Meditation – 90 minutes, $150 individual, $180 for 2, $75 per person for 3 or more

Every visitor to the Sedona area has heard of the areas of heightened electromagnetic energy, or vortexes, the region is famous for. We encourage all guests to experience the physical, energetic and spiritual shifts that one can experience at a vortex.

Starlight Meditation – 60 minutes, $110 individual, $160 for 2, $65 per person for 3 or more

Most visitors to the Sedona area are awestruck by the number of stars visible in the night skies. Dance and meditate surrounded by the enhanced vision of the Universe, the Sedona area skies offer.

Chakra Healing & Balancing – $150 for a 60 minute session

You will feel an opening of energy, greater inner peace and a deep sense of trust and relaxation.  Our most requested healing session!

Individualized, Guided, Self-Healing – $120 for a 60 minute session

For those who desire a deeper dive in the Tao Self-Healing Experience, this 90 minute session can both quiet your mind and increase your vitality. A Tao Healer will assess the health of your inner organs and overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Personal, Spiritual Healing – $380 for a 2 hour session

If you feel a desire to utilize our practitioners’ training and gifts in spiritual guidance, this session combines the Chakra Healing & Balancing with additional time for more in-depth spiritual work.

Everyday Enlightenment ‘Discover Your Infinite Nature’ – 120 minutes, $250 individual, $380 2 people, $150 per person for 3 or more in one session

Based on our founder Ilchi Lee’s best-selling book, Living Tao, Principles for Everyday Enlightenment, our advanced Chun-Gahng instructor, Marie Seong, will guide you onto a path of spiritual growth and a more passionate life.