male participant meditating during sunrise at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Retreat Enhancements

Whether you are here for a program, training, or retreat, we offer daily activities you can add to your retreat experience. Add a variety of activities to make your retreat and stay more fun, meaningful, and inspiring. A brief description of additional activities is listed below. Please check our monthly calendar for regular updates.

Activities are available to all levels. No prior training or practice is required to enjoy and feel the benefits of our array of classes and programs.

Classes and Sessions are free unless otherwise noted. The schedule is subject to change.

Reservations are required - Reserve at the Welcome Center.


Morning Meditation

Sedona Mago Retreat participants practicing morning meditation in one of our meeting spaces

Begin your day with our daily meditation class to promote relaxation, reduce stress, enhance creativity, and strengthen brain performance. 40 minutes (reservations not required)

Tao Yoga

Tao Yoga class at Sedona Mago Retreat


Tao Yoga utilizes yoga postures and breath work to open and expand your Ki energy channels. Improving circulation and energizing the mind, body, and spirit, Tao Yoga is offered to all levels to provide instant benefits. Private classes or individual instruction is available upon request. 60 minutes

Tao Qigong

Sedona Mago Retreat instructor giving a Tao Lecture


This lecture and experiential exercises reviews simple Tao Qigong practice, Tao philosophy and life coaching with ancient wisdom of Tao. 60 minutes

Holistic Health

Sedona Mago Retreat participant running around meditation lake


This lecture-based class focuses on holistic health, diet, and habit transformation. 60 minutes

Power In!

participant practicing Ki energy movements


This is a class to stretch the body, move the stagnant Ki energy of the body, and activate the innate power that lies in the 2nd chakra.  Power In! ends in a meditation to center the mind inside. 60 minutes

Calm and Collected

participant meditating under a willow tree


This class allows you to release stress from the body, particularly around the often burdened neck, shoulder, and hip area. After movements to deeply open the body, there are 2 meditations: one for releasing stress, and the other to connect with your heart chakra. 60 minutes 

Starlight Meditation

Starlight meditation at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

$25/pp (4 person minimum)

Sitting at our most powerful vortex sites at dusk, our starlight meditation allows you to deepen your connection to life energy. At the end, you will emerge from the illuminating skies of Sedona with greater clarity, calm, and peace. Starlight meditation is available upon request. 60 minutes

Onsite Vortex Tour

group of participants at a vortex site

$50/pp (3 person minimum)

Our onsite vortex tour will guide you to the famous vortex sites of Sedona Mago Retreat, with using the specific energy of each location, and guide you to use the special energy from each site to provide focus to your meditation and overall intentions.
90 minutes

Customized Private Sessions

By appointment only: 60 minutes - $125, 90 minutes - $180

Our Tao Masters can give you spiritual guidance to help you gain insight into your current state of health and spiritual growth.  We offer an array of services designed to give you tools and direction on ways you can heal and strengthen your life.  Such services include:

  • Aura Photo and Reading – A visual and informative session that allows you to see and understand the meaning of the colors of your energy field.
  • Energy Evaluation & Lifestyle Consultation – This session is designed to discuss your current state of being.  In this session you will learn more about exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your well-being and create inner peace.
  • Tao Energy Healing – This session removes blockages and opens the flow of energy through your chakra and meridian systems giving you a physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  This personalized session gives you a customized approach to the various Tao healing methods that can awaken your natural healing ability, promote inner peace, and leave you with a deep sense of relaxation.