Retreat center

Retreat Center

‘The path to awaken your spirit and grow your soul’

Retreat Center

Sedona Mago Retreat Center is a place to practice Sun Tao (仙道), the path for Spiritual Awakening, Meditation, and Prayer for Peace, located in Sedona, Arizona. With pristine desert wilderness and magnificent red rock vistas, visitors will find an ideal environment and supportive guidance as they learn to balance the body, quiet the mind, and nurture the spirit.

From the most basic programs that focus on breathing, eating, and sleeping to the most advanced all aspects of your experience at Sedona Mago Retreat are geared to enhance awareness and deepen your experience of meditation. Through continued practice, these experiences will guide you to the discovery of your true nature, the source of power and wisdom for you to create and experience the life you want.

Sedona Mago Retreat Center Open House

Learn and experience ancient wisdom of Tao during free Saturday Tao Service at Sedona Mago Retreat, located at 3500 E. Bill Gray Road in Sedona. Enjoy a Tao class, complimentary vegetarian lunch, and Tao lecture and service. Saturday Tao Service is free – donations appreciated. Welcome Center, 928.204.3391 for reservations and shuttle details.

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Pedro, my father, just went to his follow up appointment with his cardiologist in Mexico. Well, Dr was completely shocked to see how strong his heart is right now. Two months ago Dr thought he was not going to make it for having such a weak and depressed heart. Dr asked what he was doing during his time to make such a great improvement?

He responded: “Tao class with Master Sayong and Susan in Sedona Mago Retreat taught me how to breathe and how to use the Belly Button Healing Life wand. Thanks to them I keep practicing every single day. Dr’s eyes were widely open and just shocked!!!!! I am so happy to see him so motivated with life after taking your Tao class, Tao Meditation Weekend. ~Lalia

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