Awaken Your Natural Healing Power

Live Ongoing Online Class

What to Expect

Many people may not be aware that we all have an innate ability to heal, lack a relationship with our own bodies, or don’t know how to take responsibility for our own health.  Through our ancient healing practice, you will not only be able to understand your own physical, mental, and spiritual condition but also be able to heal yourself.

Wednesdays, 4:30 pm – 6 pm (MST/AZ)
Duration: 6 weeks | 1.5 hours/week
Pre-requisite: Sedona Meditation Weekend
Cost: $240

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 Find Your Inner Power

Our ancient healing practice of Tao is not about removing pain or stress from specific parts of your body. Tao healing allows one to recover their own harmony and balance – body, mind, and spirit – by developing their inner power.

What You’ll Get

Awaken Your Body’s Energy Level

Discover Your Authentic Self

Obtain Clarity of Mind

Connect With a Like-Minded Group

Heal Emotionally With Sound Therapy

Recognize Negative Beliefs/Patterns

Detach to Sharpen Your Focus

Master Your Reaction to Stress

Reflect and Refocus



To improve your physical health by making a good relationship with your body through Tao principles and practices.

  • Learn our ancient healing concept
  • Learn essential healing principles and methods
  • Practice mindfulness exercises and energy meditation to focus and communicate with your body

Become aware of your current health status with awakened energy sensitivity.  In order to improve your health, you must develop the three energy centers. The lower center is related to physical power, the middle center is related to heart power, and the upper center is related to your spiritual power.

  • Learn your physical body, energy body and spiritual body
  • Learn the 3 energy centers
  • Practice feeling the 3 bodies and energy centers

Hands are an important tool for reading and healing. By making healing hands, you are able to become aware of your current condition as well as heal yourself.

  • Make healing hands
  • Practice reading and healing with healing hands

Deepen your practice by improving your focus and expanding your consciousness. As a result, you are able to utilize infinite cosmic energy for healing.

  • Create an energy line to receive unlimited cosmic healing energy
  • Practice utilizing the cosmic energy for healing
  • Practice reading and healing with healing hands

When you activate and integrate the 3 energy centers, you develop confidence in healing as well as your spiritual growth.

  • Activate and integrate 3 energy centers
  • Practice mindfulness exercises and energy meditation for healing
  • Practice reading and healing with healing hands

Awaken Your Natural Healing Power

Activities Include:

Dancing Meditation

Energy Activation Meditation

Nature Sound Meditation

Healing Hands Meditation

Energy Capsule Meditation

Energy Ball Meditation

Benefits Include:

Develop natural healing ability

Make better relationship with body

Expand Awareness

Express self love and self respect

Create healthy living habits

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JahBi Seong

JahBi is a Tao Master and Healer, and has been teaching Tao philosophy for over 20 years. She loves helping people to awaken by guiding them to recover their health, happiness, and peace. Before studying Tao principles and teachings, she had been ill and tried a variety of traditional medical treatments, to no avail. As JahBi continued to practice and train, however, her body and mind, self-confidence, and will to heal grew exponentially. She has been a program director who facilitates advanced programs and spiritual ceremonies at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat since 2010.