“Power Brain Retreat” 

November 18 – 20, 2016

Power Brain Retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat

‘Self-Declaration training to build a more confident inner guidance system’

How to Join Us for the 3 day, 2 night, Retreat:

1- Come alone and enjoy a private room: For an all-inclusive Early Bird price of $890 (Per Person, Until Oct 10th) Standard price: $1,110.


2- Share a room with a travel companion or another workshop participant (of the same gender): For the all-inclusive Early Bird price of $790 (Per person, Until Oct 10th). Standard price: $990.

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Course Work ‐ What You’ll Learn/Experience:

PB10Over your three days in the powerful energy of Sedona, your workshop leaders, Dave Beal and Ilchibuko Todd, will guide you to a more powerful mental state that will linger long after you’ve returned home.

Your experience is built on the five core lessons from the new book by the best-selling author of “Power Brain for Self-Mastery” Ilchi Lee, the creator of Brain Education and Body & Brain.


Interactive exercises and healing techniques designed to:

  • Improve Focus
  • Fire-up Creativity
  • Upgrade Memory
  • Expand Confidence
  • Better Manage Stress

Achieve a more positive mindset and release negative emotions like: Anxiety, Anger and Sadness.

Power Brain Retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat

Games and exercises that allow you to:

  • Interact with fellow trainees to create harmony and enjoy a true connection with like-minded people.
  • Build strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance – incorporate these exercises into your daily practices for a healthier mind and body.
  • Experience the ancient Chinese system of QiGong to tone and strengthen your body and your breath.

‘Begin healing yourself and help your partners heal in body, mind and spirit’

Meet Your Brain Power Leaders: 

Dave Beal:

As Program Director and Head Trainer for Power Brain Education (PBE), Dave is a gifted and experienced teacher. He will expertly guide you in learning and applying the “5 Steps of Brain Education” and the “Brain Operating System” (BOS) tools that allow you to take full control of your life, unlock your inner powers and manifest your heart’s desires.

Over the past eight years, Dave has taught Brain Education (BE) in 400 schools in New York city and state, training over 50,000 administrators, parents and students to achieve their maximum potential using Power Brain Education.

He will have the opportunity to work with each workshop participant, applying the techniques he’s perfected and has detailed in his upcoming book “The Power Brain Classroom”.

Ilchibuko Todd:

As an expert guide and teacher, Ilchibuko delights in seeing her students awaken their potential and transform their lives. Currently the Director at Sedona Meditation Center, she has taught personal transformation and wellness, including Brain Education classes for over 15 years in Hawaii, Colorado and now Arizona.

Thousands of students have enjoyed renewed health and vitality after learning yoga, meditation, QiGong, healing Chakra and Tao living practices from Ilchibuko.

During this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice with a world-leader in brain and spiritual transformative methods. Her hope is that, after experiencing this training your human journey will be vastly enhanced for yourself, your family and planet Earth.

Registration includes the entire program and full room-and-board. Your retreat begins at 7:30 pm on the first day and finishes at 11:30 am on the last day.

  • I left the Mago Retreat with not only knowing like-minded people but also great principles such as "I have fear but I am not my fear", "Always do your best and be supportive of others" and the list goes on. I think if the world was taught these simple principles, the world would be a better place. ~Fred Munsen, Bronx, NY

  • I have attended many workshops in my 70 years, many as an educator of students and adults. This training was one of the most helpful and powerful I ever attended. The trainers Ilchibuko and Dave incorporated so many learning modalities including lots of "games" and playful activities - not just sitting in chair for 3 days. We were up and moving our bodies 75% of time. These instructors made leaning about oneself enjoyable and are exceptional humans and teachers. Anyone wishing to discover their true self and transform the way their brains work, I highly recommend this Training. ~James, Sun City, AZ

  • The Power Brain Retreat was an Absolute Game Changer! I have never been to a place as beautiful as Sedona, AZ and to have the ability to grow in such a supporting atmosphere makes this experience priceless! I would love to become a Brain Educator!! ~ Tuck, Clearwater, FL

  • Loved the workshop. If you are looking and searching to be of who you are, clearing your emotions, and be a master of your life, this is the retreat for you! ~ Yelenda, Maple Grove, MN

  • I am so grateful to have been fortunate enough to participate and experience a number of Brain Education trainings under the masterful and heartfelt teaching of Dave Beal. Dave has an amazing ability to unlock the best in each of his workshop participants, and, in doing so, shows each person just how to share what we learned in positive and powerfully impactful ways for not just ourselves but for all those who cross our paths. I highly recommend this and any workshop given by Dave to anyone that wants to unlock their dormant strengths and greatness! ~Dianne Jerome

  • I've had the honor of learning from Dave Beal through several Brain Education workshops and I encourage anyone who is interested and invested in their own self development to attend his workshop. I've grown as a person, teacher, and activist. I've learned how to integrate Brain Education into my life to live with courage and pursue my dreams. ~Mane Andreasan

  • "I would recommend Dave Beal to anyone who is even slightly interested in the topic of self improvement and what that really means. Once you step foot into one of his workshops you are bound to leave with a heightened sense of who you are and how you can use that to help yourself and others. Brain Education is a holistic take on the future of education and I guarantee you will get way more than you were expecting. " ~Peter Hornung