Meditation Lake overlook at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Policies and Conditions


The following are defined terms used in this agreement

Program: The program that a participant is registering for through this agreement, including all activities provided through and/or related to the program (Program hereafter).

Tao: Tao Fellowship, an Arizona nonprofit corporation doing business as Sedona Mago Retreat, including all employees, agents, staff, representatives, directors, and officers of Tao Fellowship (Tao hereafter).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 7 or more days prior to the date of arrival will incur a $50.00 processing fee.

Cancellations made 1-6 days prior to the date of arrival will incur a $50.00 processing fee. The remaining balance will be converted into a 1 year non-refundable credit towards future Tao programs or Accommodations.

No credit or refund will be issued for cancellations on the date of arrival; no shows, or if you leave a Program early for any reason.

No refunds will be issued for early departure or dissatisfaction with program presentation or content.

Conditions of Participation

Liability: I understand that Program may involve physical, emotional, and/or psychological activity and that in case of such an undertaking there is always a risk involved. I understand that in a group setting the instructor cannot always monitor my physical, emotional, and psychological limits, and that I am therefore responsible for assessing the risk any activity poses to me, and choosing a safe course of action for myself. I agree to assume the risk and responsibility for any injuries or damages suffered by me arising out of my participation in Program.

No Medical Service or Advice: I understand that Tao does not provide medical service of any kind. I represent that I am not participating in Program to treat a physical or mental illness. I understand that no portion of Program is delivered or supervised by health professionals. I represent that I am in good physical and mental condition and have no reason or impairment that might prevent me from participation in the Program or use of premises.

Physical Contact: During Program, Tao staff trainers may assist me in correct posture and exercise movements to ensure my safety.  I understand and give permission for such touching.

Photo/Audio/Video Release: I understand that during Program, Tao may record by audio, video, photo camera, or other means, my participation in Program for promotional, educational, and informational purposes. By attending Program, I authorize Tao to record, by audio, video, photo camera, or other means, my participation in Program including the right to copyright such recordings, and to use them, in whole or in part for promotional, educational, and informational purposes without compensation to me of any kind.

Recording Devices: I understand that I cannot use any recording devices during the Program and that any recording of Program by me, my agents or assigns is strictly forbidden.

Protection of Proprietary Information: I understand that all materials and information presented by Tao during Program in whatever format are the property of Tao and protected by copyright, trade secret and other applicable laws. I agree not to copy, record, modify, transmit, lend, display, distribute or reproduce in any way any proprietary information provided through Program without Tao’s written permission.

Private Information: Any private information that Tao received from you through Program or that you provided through this website will be used only for the purposes of Program and improving Tao’s services. Your private information will not be shared with any other 3rd party without your written consent.

Statement of Compliance: I acknowledge the purpose of my visit is to learn about the principle of Tao and participate in its practices. I acknowledge that I was informed of the rules and guidelines of Tao and understand that I am to follow the guidelines during my stay.

Waiver and Release: I hereby expressly release Tao from any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, actions and liabilities that arise out of my participation in Program or my use of the premises of Tao, including any injury or harm to me, or loss or damage to my property.

Dispute Resolution / Governing Law: Any dispute or claim relating in any way to this agreement, between me and Tao or products or services provided by Tao will be resolved by binding arbitration, rather than court. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) under its rules will conduct the arbitration. The AAA’s rules are available at or by calling 800-778-7879. If for any reason a dispute proceeds to court rather than arbitration, Tao and I will waive any right to a jury trial. All aspects of the arbitration shall be strictly confidential and northing from the arbitration shall be made public.