Female guest leisurely walking on path around Meditation Lake at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Personal Retreat

Relax and refresh yourself amidst the Sedona red rocks. Experience the healing vortex energy.

Sedona Mago Retreat offers a serene and supportive environment to help quiet the mind, connect with nature, and renew the spirit.

Benefits of the Personal Retreat

A Personal Retreat is an opportunity to be mindful and focus on yourself, free from your everyday distractions.  Taking a break from your normal routine and disconnecting from work or other responsibilities gives you the chance to recalibrate and bring balance to your life. This retreat is a health retreat, because it supports your overall well-being.

We often need time to replenish and rejuvenate from stress, allowing us time to look at the state of our health so we can heal and repair. Life offers opportunities and challenges to help us grow, which can be overwhelming and confusing. Sedona Mago Retreat offers a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment for renewal and rejuvenation.

The Personal Retreat is ideal for those with hectic lifestyles. By breaking away from everyday routines, you can see your life clearly and reflect on what truly makes you happy. This time can be used to practice mindfulness (being present in the moment). Mindfulness improves both your mental and physical health.

Many business professionals find a personal retreat is essential to keeping balance from the demands of the workplace. Others use personal retreats to help them through transitions and uncertainty. Parents and caregivers, those who put the needs of others before their own, find great benefits with personal retreats. It’s healthy to take a little time for yourself to regain balance. You will return to your home or workplace with a renewed sense of self, creativity, and motivation.

Through silence and self-reflection, you can begin to listen to your heart – your true self. Some people experience transcendence while on a personal retreat. You may discover your priorities are not aligned with your higher self or are causing you physical or emotional harm. This awakening may prompt the change you have yearned for or desperately need. Perhaps you always knew the answer, and with the help of a personal retreat you can find the strength and courage to create a better life. Anything is possible!

What to expect

Sedona Mago Retreat provides an environment where you can focus on your personal and spiritual goals. The Personal Retreat differs from our other programs, in that you design your own practice and schedule.

Our spiritual retreat center is designed with meditation in mind. Our accommodations are furnished in a style that is conducive for relaxation and meditation. To maintain this environment, the rooms do not have televisions or phones. 

Leaving the comforts of your everyday life can be unsettling. This can bring up emotions you were not expecting. If this happens, it is an opportunity to explore what you are feeling, and why you are feeling that way. This is where the real healing begins.

During your stay at Sedona Mago Retreat, you will be encouraged to turn off the outside world, such as the computer, television, phones, etc. This “information fast” gives you an opportunity to see how much time you have been spending on distractions outside of yourself. One guest said, “I can’t live without checking Facebook every day.” She was encouraged to fight the urge and after a couple of days didn’t give it much thought. Before she left she shared, “I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted on Facebook when I could have been focusing on myself.” We are not saying Facebook is a bad thing. But when your outside distractions take over your life, it is a chance to look at why that is happening.

What to do

The Personal Retreat allows you to practice at your own pace. Before you begin your personal retreat it is important to set your intention. It can be something as simple as, “I want to relax” or as profound as, “I want to find my true purpose.” Everyone’s intentions can be stated differently, but most of us are searching for ways to create health, happiness, and inner peace. Right?

We recommend that all guests bring a journal for self-reflection. The Tao tradition emphasizes the connection between mind, body, and spirit. All guests are asked to be mindful and stay in the moment. Our retreat center encourages inner self-work, so that the true you can be heard.

You can observe nature's bounties in our vegetable, herb, and flower gardens and be reminded of the abundance of the Universe and how life continually renews itself.  The red rocks and surrounding mountain vistas fill you with the majesty of our beloved Mother Earth. Our meditation lake provides a great escape, as the soothing waters comfort the soul. Walk along our sanded meditation trail, or meander the many paths you will find at our spiritual retreat center. There are plenty of ways to experience and enjoy your time at Sedona Mago Retreat.

Throughout our spiritual retreat center, we have various meditation sites where you can be one with nature. Walking trails are all around for you to explore the many gems of Mago. Many find beginning their personal retreat with the Onsite Vortex Tour is extremely helpful because it connects them to the special energy at the various sites and provides a clearer focus for meditation or for formulating their special intentions. 

Perhaps you are not sure how to spend your time. Our Tao Masters are available to give you an Energy Evaluation and Lifestyle Consultation. This session is designed to discuss your current state of being. You will receive spiritual guidance on how to achieve your goal. You will learn what exercises and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your well-being and create inner peace.

Or you can simply talk with our customer service staff on ways to use your time at our retreat center.

Learn more about daily classes and personal sessions.

Retreat Center features and amenities include:

  • Meditation Lake and Healing Garden
  • Labyrinth
  • Walking paths and energy vortex spots on our beautiful 163-acre property
  • Outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi
  • Vegetable, herb, flower, and rock gardens
  • Indoor and outdoor meditation areas
  • Daily group meditation (see monthly schedule for details)
  • Daily group classes and personal sessions with talented instructors (additional fee)

The Personal Retreat provides an opportunity to get away from your hectic daily life. It differs from other programs, trainings, and workshops because it gives you complete freedom on how you want to spend your time in the peaceful and healing land of Sedona.

The Personal Retreat includes a room with a private bath, three pesco-vegetarian meals in our dining hall, and full use of our retreat center’s amenities.

For extended stays, the following discounts apply:

  • 7-13 nights - 10% off
  • 14-19 nights - 15% off
  • 20+ nights - 18% off

Daily Rates:

Standard Casita

$114.00/person shared double or $164.00 private single

Red Rock View Casitas
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House on the Rock Suite

$385.00 for up to two guests; additional guests are at additional costs for meals ($50 per person per night)

House on the Rock Suite
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