The Tao Within Retreat in Celebration of Founders Day

Tao Founding Day Celebration

On this special occasion, Tao Founding Day, we are opening the Tao Peace Park to honor people who gave their lives for a cause greater than themselves. These are the people who demonstrate love for humanity and love for the earth. We will be raising an 80’ flagpole, which will be the hallmark of the new Peace Park. We invite Veterans, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Teachers, Spiritual Teachers, and all unsung heroes to this special day. It is a significant day for those of us, Tao practitioners, who are aspiring to live by Traditional Korean SunTao Principles, because it is a reminder of our commitment to live in harmony with nature and to benefit all.

“If a change in our lives require individually or socially painful sacrifices, it will be difficult to put into effect no matter how necessary that change might be. However, if we start down the road of transformation with simple, enjoyable, and tangible changes, we will soon be prepared to tackle larger issues.” ~Ilchi Lee

Founders Day
Activities include an onsite vortex tour, walking meditation, and performances. End the day with a candle lighting ceremony & then a candle floating ceremony at the beautiful Healing Garden Lake.

Complimentary shuttle and dinner!

Shuttle Services will be provided to and from the Information House, located at 89A and Bill Gray Road. Return shuttle leaves Sedona Mago Retreat at 9:15 pm.

We are accepting donations for the following

• Scholarship fund for retreats for Veterans and their families
• Pure donation to organizations that support the Veterans
• Tao Peace Park development

Reservations Required: Call 928-204-3391

Can I drive myself? You are welcome to drive to the retreat center on your own by taking Bill Gray Road (761).When you reach the retreat grounds, please follow the signs to the Sedona Mago Retreat Welcome Center, and please arrive by 2:00 pm.

Please do not use GPS when driving to Sedona Mago Retreat. GPS directions will guide you through private property. Use the driving directions.