Wonderful meals in the Dining Hall at Sedona Mago Retreat

Dining Hall

Our mission in the Mago Dining Hall is to create tasty and healthy meals that are planet friendly.  To that end Sedona Mago Retreat provides guests with three delicious meals every day, offering a variety of food options at each meal to help meet your dietary needs. We recognize that each individual has different nutritional needs and we are confident that we can accommodate most people when given reasonable notice.

The meals you will enjoy in the Dining Hall contain not only the nutrients provided by the earth, but also the loving energy of the people who prepare them. Our meals are prepared from scratch, and our focus is on fresh. Whenever possible we source non-GMO, organic and local produce to supplement the seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. We do not use any highly processed products at all. It is our philosophy to focus on our guest’s spiritual health and retreat experience, and to that end we do not serve meat or poultry. We maintain a non-smoking and alcohol free environment for the same reason.

Dietary Needs

Our Dining Hall’s buffet line labels each menu item identifying options that will meet the needs of our guests following Gluten free, Soy Free, Vegan, or Dairy free diets.  With 14 days’ notice, we can expand those options. Guests with severe allergies such as nut or shellfish should contact the chef directly at least 2 weeks in advance so that we may ensure none of the menu options available during their stay will pose a problem. While we are not always able to customize menus for each individual, we do try to provide enough options to satisfy your nutritional and dietary needs. If you are concerned about your personal needs, please feel welcome to bring any supplemental food with you that you feel you require. Each guest room offers a mini refrigerator for your use. (Please note that we do not allow cooking in guest rooms.)  Note to Celiacs: While most of what we make and serve in-house is Gluten Free, and we do our best to maintain that in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee an entirely GF environment.  We use a variety of sauces and mixes that can negatively impact a celiac sufferer. Please be mindful of this, and carefully read the posted menu and any/all labels available.

If you have questions, or specific needs, please fill out and submit the Food Allergies form located on the upper right hand side of this page.  Our primary goal is for you to truly enjoy the food, fellowship, and ambiance of our charming dining hall.

On behalf of the entire Sedona Mago Retreat kitchen staff, we hope you enjoy your meals and your stay with us.

Mindful Eating

Food is a precious gift from Mother Earth. Bless the food with joy and gratitude before you eat. Take time for a prayer of gratitude to Heaven for creating life, to the Earth for growing it, to Humans for preparing the food, for keeping life flowing in you.

When you eat, chew well with a peaceful mind then you can intake not only nutrients but also the blessed energy of the food. Close your eyes (or look down your nose), and feel the chewing. Chew over 30 times before you swallow.

Slowly swallow the food and sense the food coming down to the center at your lower abdomen. When you eat and breathe please remember the energy of the Earth and of Heaven becoming integrated as one within you. Feel grateful for life and consider how to use your energy to repay the blessings of Heaven and Earth, and benefit the World and Humanity.