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Buddhism and the

‘The Buddhist philosophy, as exemplified by these eight points, could be literally adopted by AA as a substitute for or addition to the Twelve Steps.” ~ Spiritual Milestones in AA, Akron Intergroup published 1941


September 27th - 29, 2015 

All inclusive 3 days 2 nights $445 for a  shared room,  $545 
Early Bird discount (prior to July 27th,2015) $395 shared room $ 495 private

The Buddha said craving is the cause of suffering. Twelve Step programs work with the deepest forms of craving – our addictions. How can these traditions - Buddhism and Alcoholics Anonymous - work together?… 

Join Kevin Griffin in exploring the relationship between the 12 Steps and the Eight Fold Path of the Buddha.

Be ready for a special experience.
Be ready to grow and change.
Be ready for Sedona Mago Retreat.

With the legendary power of Sedona as a backdrop Kevin will point you toward inner peace and wisdom, while cultivating a compassionate heart. We will spend time on the land, looking outward, and time in meditation looking inward. We will face demons and call on the power of awareness and love to conquer our fear, craving, and delusions.

About the trainers

Kevin GriffinKevin Griffin“Recovering Joy, a Mindful Life After Addiction,” Kevin’s new book will be published by Sounds True in June 2015. “Recovering takes us through many difficult steps of discipline, humility, and self-realization,” says Kevin Griffin. “In doing so, many of us forget that we are capable and deserving of basic happiness.” With “Recovering Joy," Kevin Griffin fills in what is often the missing piece in addiction recovery programs-how to regain our ability to live happier lives. Kevin has been practicing and teaching Buddhist meditation for three decades and has been sober since 1985. His other books include “One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the 12 Steps, “ and...


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